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Who We Are

TheRealWilmington.com is a site dedicated to promoting quality local businesses, restaurants, and places for entertainement in the Greater Wilmington area. The site is operated by a group of local entreprenuers and trusted locals who want to provide excellent service, and to help others to provide excellent customer experiences. As local business owners, we understand the value of excellence and know the importance of getting the right people for the job, an often difficult taskwhen there are so many choices.  TheRealWilmington.com is a collaborative effort and relies upon secret shoppers, who report on local businesses and help decide who we should promote. The business owners who make the cut then become information sources and promoters.  We have a quality control system based on feedback from consumers like you. We highly encourage feedback on your experiences with the businesses on our site.  If they get bad reviews, they get the boot.

How We Started

The old saying goes, “Wilmington has it all”, and it really is a great place to live. As a real estate broker, one of our founding members was (and still is) constantly working with newcomers to the area. It didn't take long to realize that these people, and locals too, were very dependant on (or at least interested in) recommendations for eveything from a place to eat lunch, to an electrician, or even a family doctor. From those inquiries came the idea that we could leverage the high volume interaction with the best of these businesses, a vast array of local knowledge and connections, and the mass media capabilities of the internet to become a resource for people to find good recommendations for whatever it is that they want. We are now striving to be THE all inclusive resource for quality local businesses in Wilmington, NC.

What We Are All About

TheRealWilmington.com is a media for word of mouth advertising on the web.  It works similar to a secret shopping program.  TheRealWilmington.com has a network of locals, who feed in their opinions about first hand customer satisfaction. Good "buzz" about a businesss or establishment earns a posting on the site.  It's pretty simple, we like to think of ourselves as "connectors".  Once a business is connected, they too help to promote the site, and other quality businesses.  We are all about helping to promote a solid local economy by supporting quality local establishments.  We keep tabs to make sure that the businesses we promote are maintaining a high level of quality through feedback from our users.

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